How to export data to GoogleSheet?

You want to export data to a collaborative GoogleSheet — but you don’t want to painfully download and re-upload from a CSV?

In this short article, we will see how to export data scraped on lobstr on automated to a GoogleSheet.

auto export data from a lobstr squid to a googlesheet

Complete Video

Here is a complete video, with all steps you do need to follow.

Step-by-step Instructions

We will enable auto-export to GoogleSheet in 3 simple steps:

Update GoogleSheet settings
Attach the GoogleSheet to the lobstr Squid
Specify the scope of delivery

Update GoogleSheet settings

First, [go on GoogleSheet](, and create a new sheet.

create a new googlesheet

Now, we will update the settings of the GoogleSheet, so that the GoogleSheet can be modified by anyone.

Included the powerful lobstr scrapers.

First click on Share.

click on share googlesheet

Then, in General access, click on Anyone with the link.

in general access click on anyone with the link

And in Role, click on Editor. Update to Editor.

in role click on editor

OKK the GoogleSheet is now successfully setup!

Endly, let’s click on _Copy link_. We will need it for later.

click on copy googlesheet link

Let’s attach it to our lobstr squid.

Attach the GoogleSheet to the lobstr Squid

Go back to your lobstr Squid page.

First, click on the lovely Delivery icon on the top-right of the screen.

click on the delivery icon on the top right

Then, proceed as follows:

- Click on the GoogleSheet tickbox
- Past the GoogleSheet URL in the field

paste your googlesheet url in the squid settings

NB: you can click on Test Google Sheet to confirm your sheet is properly setup and well attached to the Squid

Last step, let’s specify what those 2 radio buttons mean.

Specify the scope of delivery

We have 2 radio buttons:

1️⃣ Export data from last run
🤝 Export data from all runs

What do they mean?


If you choose Export data from the last run, you will export only the data of the last run.

Be careful, if you scrape data through several runs, the data from the last run will overwrite the data previously exported.

We recommend doing this only if you need the most recent dataset.


If you choose Export data from all runs, you will export all the data from all the runs.

We recommend doing this if you want to get in 1 file all the data consolidated. From all your previous runs.

export data from all runs vs export data from last run delivery settings

For the scope of this demo, we’ll simply pick: Export data from last run.

Endly, click on Save.

click on save

And that’s it!

Now simply click on Launch to launch a run.

Data will be automatically exported to the GoogleSheet.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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