How to upload a list of tasks?

Wanna launch a squid with 100+ of tasks but tired of adding it manually?

In this quick help article, we will learn how to upload a list of tasks from a CSV file.

We will do this in 3 simple steps:

Identify the column label
Create the file

First, we will identify the column label we need to add to our file.

click on settings icon

Then, mouse over the Upload file button.
Here is the column label you need!

mouse over upload file button to identify column label

In our example, for Google Maps Export Reviews, it is url.
Let’s keep it, we will need it for the next step.

Second, let’s build our file:

In the first cell, the value of our label e.g. url
Below, all our tasks

build your csv file

And save your file.
Here, we will name it tasksDemo.csv.

Endly, click on Upload file, and upload your file:

upload the csv file

SUCCESS: 19 tasks imported.



Updated on: 12/01/2024

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